Quote from Attendee - Timothy Johnson

The event exceeded my expectations, providing invaluable insights into accounting careers. I am immensely grateful for being selected as a prize winner, which not only served as a delightful surprise but also further motivated me to pursue my goals in the field. The highlight of the evening was the speakers and panel discussion, where the professionals' depth of knowledge and passion illuminated the diverse career paths within accounting. Their advice and practical tips for success have equipped me with a solid foundation, inspiring me to navigate my own path with confidence and ambition.

Student Night 09.22.2022

Our first Student Night was a great success!

Thank you to all the students, employers, educators and speakers who attended.

Employer Panel

We had great attendance.

Speaker Chris Dastoli

Speaker - Rich Gallagher

Speaker - Maureen Dingus

Sponsor - Laurel Ridge Community College

Sponsor - YHB

Sponsor - Hottel & Willis

Sponsor - Brown Edwards

Sponsor - VSCPA

Participant - Navy Federal

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Student Networking